Logo and handmade textures

The last few days I’ve been working on texturing a well and learning more about unity what you need to do with materials to make your handpainted textures show in unity in the same way they look like in substance painter. In unity we’ve had this problem that they look kinda grayish and not so good, it took some time to find the thing that made this problem, which was the ”specular highlights” option that was ticked in. When unticking it the colors turned out great and didnt look gray and bland anymore.

det som fixade det.PNG
What the options looked like

The textures before turning off specular highlights

The textures after turning off specular highlights

As you can see they look a lot better and you can actually see the details I made on the texture.

I’ve also worked on the logo for Somnium, I wanted to get the feeling of the game, the mechanic and the cat into the logo which was quite hard but I think I got it to work, for now.

This is the first concept of the logo I made 

This is the new logo

In the new logo you can se the good dream and the nightmare shift, and the good dream comes from the cat plushie on the ”o” which is meant to represent that the cat is the one that makes the nightmare good again. I don’t think its perfect but It was good enough so I could put it on our facebook-page and make it visible for the rest of the world.



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